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Horse grooming gloves are all the rage now.  Are they just a gimmick?  Can a horse grooming glove possibly de-shed your horse as well as all those other tools you carry in your kitbag?  If they worked, they would:


  • Fit tightly to your hands, not rotate or fall off
  • Be flexible enough to follow the contours of the face and the legs
  • Allow you to feel any lumps or tender spots through the horse grooming gloves
  • Allow you to handle ropes, straps and gates and barn chores without removing the gloves
  • Allow for both wet and dry grooming
  • Release the hair from the glove surface easily
  • Clean and de-shed the horse’s coat thoroughly
  • Last for a long time
  • Be easy on my hands (no latex)
  • Keep your hands and finger nails clean and oil-free during the grooming process
  • Be fully washable for easy clean-up


HandsOn Grooming Gloves are the original horse grooming gloves, developed specifically for grooming horses.  They were designed and perfected over four years in horse country Texas, USA.  These tight-fitting gloves come in 5 sizes for a perfect fit, and have a Velcro wrist strap to keep them in place during the most vigorous grooming.  They are made by laminating a hard wearing nitrile face, directly to a hard-wearing glove for a long grooming life.  The entire glove is made with hospital-grade hypo-allergenic materials, and will be gentle on you and your horses’ skin.  The nitrile face is designed with nodules that vary in shape and length depending on where they are on the glove, maintaining flexibility and feel.  The nitrile releases the hair easily with just a flick of your wrist.  HandsOn horse grooming gloves are waterproof and designed for horse bathing as well as dry grooming – perfect for regular grooming, shedding season, mud season and show preparation!  With HandsOn horse grooming gloves on both hands, your grooming time is cut in half.  You can handle all the other jobs that come with grooming – without dropping your grooming tools.  And your hands and nails stay clean and oil-free while your horse sits back and loves the massage!  Great for the tight contours on the legs, sensitive areas around the ears and face – all the tough parts because HandsOn Horse Grooming Gloves are just a simple addition to your loving hands!  Get a pair for you and your best friend today!

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