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Go into any Pet Food or Pet Supply store and you will find rows of shelves stocked with dog grooming equipment.  Many different kinds of brushes, clippers, lotions, potions and notions line the shelves!  Where does one start?  If you have a new dog and need to figure out what to use, and how to groom them, here is a link to a great breed and coat specific article on dog grooming equipment:

Effective dog grooming equipment should do the following:

  • Remove unwanted hair from the dog’s coat without causing the animal distress or skin damage
  • Keep the dogs coat clean and shiny
  • Simplify grooming by reducing continuous shedding and containing seasonal shedding
  • Catch the removed hair for easy clean-up and disposal
  • Make the grooming process quick and enjoyable for both you and your dog

One of the newest types of dog grooming equipment are the dog grooming gloves.

In late 2016, the HandsOn Grooming gloves were introduced in Canada and are starting to make inroads into the busy world of dog grooming supplies.  These pet-friendly gloves are a long-wearing close fitting glove that comes in several sizes for a good fit.  They are made from hypo-allergenic high quality materials that won’t bother you or your dog’s sensitive skin.

The gloves have a special laminated grooming surface with different shapes and sizes of grooming nubs that both get the unwanted loose hair up and off the surface while gently massaging the dog and spreading the healthy skin oils on their coat for a beautiful healthy shine!

The grooming surface of the gloves picks up and contains the hair with long hair sticking more readily.  The hair can then be just as easily removed from the gloves with just flick of the wrist, into your garbage or easily vacuumed up.

If you are here looking for dog grooming equipment because your dog HATES being groomed, here is the best part – dogs LOVE HandsOn Grooming gloves!  I don’t personally know any dogs that don’t like attention from their family, and now that simple attention can be turned into quality petting time coupled with effective grooming.  The gloves work wet or dry, both for occasional baths as well as quick ‘throw ‘em in the wash’ clean-up.  HandsOn Grooming Gloves – the newest and best dog grooming equipment you’ll ever own!

See for yourself.

Try the best grooming gloves on the market!

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