Pet Grooming Tools

Looking for pet grooming tools that are easy to use and your pets will love? Check out HandsOn Gloves in action. Click play!

HandsOn Grooming has recently introduced the best new pet grooming tools to a waiting market. No more fragile clippers, nasty hard-bristled brushes or car wash mitts that slip and fall off. No more trying to chase down your pets for a frustrating session with pet grooming tools that gets you nowhere. Enter the HandsOn Gloves that your animals will love! Simple, durable, wet or dry gloves that fit tightly on your hands, with the grooming surface built right in to the fingers and palms. Gentle enough that your pets will love them – just like a gentle massage. The hair sticks to the glove, but comes off with just a flick of the wrist. Nothing to break, nothing to wear out – nothing but a close connection with your pets! HandsOn Gloves will be the last pet grooming tools you will ever want or need. Try them today!

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Try the best grooming gloves on the market!

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