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Are you looking for pet grooming supplies that will simplify the job of grooming your dog?  Are you tired of chasing your dog around the house just to get minutes with them before they break free from that hated grooming session?  Are you fed up with the latest pet grooming supplies that are just taking up space on your shelf?  Are you tired of dog hair everywhere?  What would your dog like (WWYDL)?

  • Something that doesn’t hurt!
  • Something that doesn’t dig in to my tender skin!
  • Something that doesn’t tear my hair out!
  • Something that doesn’t pinch or make any weird noises!

How about a massage, while removing the shed hair?  I love being petted, why not something that just does that!

We have your pet grooming solution!  HandsOn Gloves!  100% dog approved!  Your dogs will positively line up for their grooming time with the HandsOn Gloves.  Gentle nubs on the palms and fingers get the shed hair off without irritating their sensitive skin.  They provide a pleasant massage while capturing the hair on the grooming surface of the glove.  The grooming surface is made to hold the hair but release it easily with just a flick of the wrist.  Nothing to break, nothing to wear out – nothing but wonderful petting and stroking for your dog!  A pet grooming solution, re-imagined!

Check out Sophie’s story.  She was the West Highland Terrier who inspired this real-life HandsOn Gloves story – the dog who hated grooming!

I give your product FIVE GAZILLION STARS!!! I received my gloves last week and today was the big test. I gave them to my husband to use as I’m a bit allergic to our dog, and we took Sophie out to the backyard. She has a double-coat and she does not let us brush her, ever. She gets very angry. She growls, snorts, and wiggles to get free, and then she tries to attack and kill the brush. NOT TODAY! Today she was a little hesitant at first, so my husband let her sniff the gloves and then picked her up while wearing the gloves, and held her and just stroked her. She was fine after about 10 seconds. I could not believe how much fur was coming off her! It was flying through the air as if she hadn’t been brushed or groomed in months, yet she was just groomed a week ago. He used the gloves on her for 5 minutes, just stroking and petting her (even on the top of her head), and she was really enjoying it, as if it was a massage. Sophie’s groomer will be so happy now as there will be no more matted fur and this will really help my allergies! I’ve tried all sorts of brushes and brushing mitts in the past, but the mitts are awkward and so easy for Sophie to bite and run away with. These fitted gloves are so easy to use and they are gentle but very effective. The next time we brush her (next week!), I’ll take a little video. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product. 🙂 Here’s a pic of Sophie, hiding from the old, regular wire brush.

Dog Grooming Gloves

HandsOn Gloves – for the discerning dog in your life (and on your bed)!


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