Pet grooming gloves

Pet grooming gloves are all the rage now with at least ten different variations available as shown in this recent ranking on Wiki EzVid:   While all the gloves received good reviews, the HandsOn gloves were ranked Number 1 in the Best High End category of the 2017 review of pet grooming gloves.  But are you paying more for HandsOn gloves, to get the same result?

With 4 different brands of five fingered gloves in the list, it is notable that only the HandsOn gloves are a laminated product, made in a one piece mold.  The other pairs are all a flat five fingered pad sewn onto a one-size fits all glove.  This can be an important difference.   One of the big advantages of pet grooming gloves over brushes and combs is their flexibility.  They can get into tight spaces and contours on your animal’s body.  A flat grooming panel will not flex like the 3D grooming surface of the HandsOn gloves.  As well, the sewn on pad is weak point in the construction of the pet grooming gloves, and will likely be the reason the gloves will eventually fail.

Another of the interesting features of pet grooming gloves is the claim that they won’t shock your animal with unwanted static electricity built-up during the grooming process.  This property is designed into the materials used to make pet grooming gloves and determines the ‘stickiness’ of the grooming surface for the shed hair.    The HandsOn gloves were designed and tested over four years to make sure that they removed the shed hair from the animal being groomed, while enabling cleaning of the hair from the surface of the gloves with just a flick of the wrist.   HandsOn gloves are also uniquely made with very high quality hospital grade materials,without latex for true hypo-allergenic properties.  Good for you and good for your pets!

Pet grooming gloves can be used wet or dry. This will be an attractive feature for you if you have an animal that frequents the outdoors.  The quality of fit will be very important when wet so look for gloves that fit properly if you want to use them for bathing.

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