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If you’re like me, dogs are like long lost friends.  When brought into my family life, they are warmly welcomed.  But we love our home, and it has always been important to me to maintain our biggest investment.  A shedding dog can quickly come between that clean house and my love of animals.  But surely there are dog grooming tools out there that can help!  If I were to describe the perfect dog grooming tool, it would be:

  • Easy to use – everybody is busy and we don’t need another full-time job!
  • Dog friendly – I don’t want to tie them down for grooming!
  • Effective – it has to control the hair loss really well.

Just recently,HandsOn Gloves came onto the market.  I think they are the perfect dog grooming tool.  And with several knock-off versions out there already, I am sure that lots of other pet owners feel that way too.

The HandsOn Gloves are a high quality five fingered glove, sold in pairs.  They come in several sizes including small, medium and large, and have a Velcro wrist strap just like the high quality work gloves they are modeled after.  The unique part of the gloves is a laminated nitrile face, with a combination of different scrubbing nodules on the fingers and palms.  The design took four years to perfect, and according to customers around the world, they are just that – perfect!

The beauty of these new dog grooming tools is in their simplicity.  People are always saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  With both hands in gloves, the job of grooming is fast and efficient, and your dog will line up for his grooming session!  Just like a gentle massage, the gloves mimic the stroking and petting that all dogs love while the grooming surface quickly removes the loose hair and contains it on the surface of the glove.  Unlike a brush or comb however, the captured hair is quickly released, with just a flick of the wrist.  The grooming process works with long and short haired dogs.  While short hair not as easily captured on the glove surface, it is still localized for quick vacuuming up afterward.   The gloves also work wet or dry, which can be valuable for the occasional bath  – when the outdoors comes indoors with your dog!  And they can be thrown in the wash and hung dry for quick clean-up too.

The HandsOn Gloves work well with double coated dogs too, and even the thickest coats are tamed by these wonderful dog grooming tools as shown in this video.

So many other wonderful aspects of these wonderful dog grooming tools – the tactile nature of the HandsOn gloves enables you to feel any lumps, bumps and tender spots much easier than with a stiff brush.  Ticks and burrs in your pet’s coat are more easily found with the gloves too, reducing the possibility of bringing either into your home. They will also distribute the natural oils in your pet’s fur for a healthy, radiant coat. Long-lasting with nothing to break, the gloves will be your ‘go to’ dog grooming tools for years to come! HandsOn Grooming gloves – the answer to healthy dogs and clean homes! Try them today!

See for yourself.

Try the best grooming gloves on the market!

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