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If you’re in the market for the latest and greatest dog grooming supplies for grooming your best friend, we’ve done the research for you!  Your dog is a member of your family, with some different needs.  If you know what to do, it can make the relationship with your four-legged family member easier and more enjoyable for the whole family.  Let’s dig into some of the best information on dog grooming supplies out there to see what we can learn!

First off, how often should you be grooming your pet?  And what about bathing them?  There is some really great breed-specific information here, based on the type of coat the different breeds have:

Here’s some further information about the types of brushes discussed earlier, with pictures of the brushes so you know what to look for.  They also give more detailed information about how to use the brushes, and how to avoid the pitfalls of various brush types.

Bathing is a special grooming case all on its own and can be the most difficult!  Here is an article that focuses on some great tips for bathing your dog, including a link to the ingredients in pet shampoos for those with dogs with specific skin conditions.

And finally, a light-hearted look at the top 5 reasons to brush your pet, including my favourite:  To spend quality time with your dog!

Of course, quality time with your pet is one of the biggest reasons we have a dog in our family.  The unconditional love of our pets is something we deeply cherish!   And maybe for that unconditional love, we should focus more on the top 3 reasons to brush your dog’s coat.  And what better way to brush your dog, and perform a regular health check than by the addition of a pair of grooming gloves to your dog grooming supplies!  The HandsOn gloves will give you that edge in providing a thorough health check while grooming your pet.

First off, the gloves are designed with more than one type of grooming surface.  The fingers have stiff, rounded bristles that do the job of bringing out the dead and loose hair, de-shedding the animal.  The rounded nubs on the palms of the glove provide a gentle massage and serve to stimulate the skin and spread the natural oil that keeps your dog’s coat looking its shiny best.

Secondly, the gloves come in five sizes, to ensure a professional fit giving you very close contact with your animal’s skin and contours.  This close fit insures that you will feel every lump, bump or change in the surface on your dog.  It is also the reason your dog will love the grooming with the gloves – the hands of their best friend rather than a hard brush or comb.  That level of toleration will allow you to spend more time (your dog will look forward to grooming!) and increase the quality of your grooming efforts.  Minimize the worries about too much pressure or sensitive areas with the full control of your hands, and a gentle non-metallic grooming surface.  Grooming time will become bonding time!

And finally, the sensitivity that the proper fitting HandsOn gloves will make sure you catch burrs and ticks.  With the spread of the ticks that carry Lyme disease (see, comes an all too real hazard for your outdoor animals and the possibility of bringing the ticks indoors to the rest of your family!  Protect your dog and your family with the easy to use thoroughness of the HandsOn gloves.

With a long list of very breed and coat specific pet grooming supplies out there, simplicity is still your best bet.   HandsOn gloves will quickly replace your other pet grooming supplies. Best yet, they will provide a connection between you and your pet that can’t be duplicated by anything else!

See for yourself.

Try the best grooming gloves on the market!

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