Dog Grooming Gloves

Have you tried dog grooming gloves yet? Dogs and their humans love them. Watch the video to see them in action – click play!

Are dog grooming gloves a better way to groom than the brushes, combs and clippers that take up so much shelf space in your local pet stores?  Can simple dog grooming gloves possibly be the only tool you need to keep your dog’s coat clean and shiny?  Will dog grooming gloves reduce the amount of hair on you, your clothes and furniture?  Will your dog like being groomed with dog grooming gloves?  What would be the most important features of the best dog grooming gloves?

  • Your dog would love being groomed with them!
  • The dog grooming gloves would need to remove excess hair from your dog, quickly and easily
  • The dog grooming gloves could be used wet or dry for normal grooming or bathing
  • The gloves would be gentle on sensitive skin, yours and your dog’s
  • The hair would stick to the glove during grooming but come off easily when finished
  • The dog grooming gloves would be washable for easy, hygienic clean-up

We love our dogs!  For the best dog grooming gloves on the market today, check out HandsOn Grooming Gloves.  These gloves can handle even the thickest furred, double-coated dogs with ease.  With grooming tools on both hands, you cut your grooming time in half.  HandsOn dog grooming gloves are waterproof for easy clean-up and designed for bathing your animals too.  The hair comes off the glove surface with just a flick of your wrist.  And not sparing any expense, these dog grooming gloves are built from hospital grade materials for allergy-free, gentle care of your hands and your dog’s coat.

Great, too for those dogs that hate traditional dog grooming tools – the gentle but effective rounded nubs on the nitrile grooming face make these the most effective dog grooming gloves on the market.  Grooming time turns into a massage that your pet will love.  One of our customers said it best when she wrote to tell us about her West Highland Terrier, Sophie that hated to be groomed:

I give your product FIVE GAZILLION STARS!!! I received my gloves last week and today was the big test. I gave them to my husband to use as I’m a bit allergic to our dog, and we took Sophie out to the backyard. She has a double-coat and she does not let us brush her, ever. She gets very angry. She growls, snorts, and wiggles to get free, and then she tries to attack and kill the brush. NOT TODAY! Today she was a little hesitant at first, so my husband let her sniff the gloves and then picked her up while wearing the gloves, and held her and just stroked her. She was fine after about 10 seconds. I could not believe how much fur was coming off her! It was flying through the air as if she hadn’t been brushed or groomed in months, yet she was just groomed a week ago. He used the gloves on her for 5 minutes, just stroking and petting her (even on the top of her head), and she was really enjoying it, as if it was a massage. Sophie’s groomer will be so happy now as there will be no more matted fur and this will really help my allergies! I’ve tried all sorts of brushes and brushing mitts in the past, but the mitts are awkward and so easy for Sophie to bite and run away with. These fitted gloves are so easy to use and they are gentle but very effective. The next time we brush her (next week!), I’ll take a little video. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product. 🙂 Here’s a pic of Sophie, hiding from the old, regular wire brush.

Dog Grooming Gloves

So do yourself a favor and save yourself and your pets from the stress because of your old grooming tools.


See for yourself.

Try the best grooming gloves on the market!

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