Dog grooming brushes

Dog grooming brushes come in all shapes and sizes.  There are rows of them in every pet store and choosing the right one can be daunting.  Here is a link to a good article that may help with the decision of which brush to buy, based on your dog’s breed or coat type:

The advantages and disadvantages of dog grooming brushes are:

  • A large choice of brushes to provide for different coat types and grooming need
  • Come in a wide range of prices; tried and true
  • Can be difficult to remove the hair from the brush
  • May not be tolerated well by some dogs, leading to a difficult grooming session

Recently, dog grooming gloves have been introduced, as a replacement for, or as a supplemental brush.  If they are to be effective, they must:

  • Remove unwanted hair from your dog efficiently
  • Capture the hair removed, and be quick to clean
  • Be well tolerated by your dog
  • Wear as well as a brush, and not fall apart

Here is a video, demonstrating the use of the original dog grooming gloves, introduced in late 2016, the HandsOn Gloves.

The HandsOn gloves were initially developed for the horse grooming market, but during the development, the designers discovered how well they worked with dogs and cats as well.  The gloves were excellent at removing unwanted hair from dogs of various breeds, including double-coated dogs like huskies with their deep, thick coats (and abundant shedding!).  The hair is also contained on the surface of the gloves, but readily removed with just a flick of the wrist, before going back for further grooming.

As was discovered with horses, the dogs loved the grooming gloves (even those that previously hated traditional brushing).  This is probably due to the gentler nature of the glove’s grooming surface but also to the close parallel with the petting and stroking that dogs and cats love from their owners.

The HandsOn gloves are made in one piece with a laminated face that contains the grooming surface.  They wear very well, as a tool designed for the much larger horse should be expected to.  The flexibility of the gloves compared with a dog grooming brush gives them unexpected qualities as well.  The close fit enables the groomer to detect any abnormal lumps or bumps and will aid in the early detection of injuries and flea and tick infestations.  The ability to vary the pressure so easily allows the groomer to use them all over the animal, even on the sensitive belly area, making them a very versatile, ‘one brush fits all’ tool.

See for yourself.

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