Cat Grooming Gloves

Cat Grooming Gloves – are they for you and your cat?  For cat grooming gloves to work, they would need to be:

  • Easy for you to use
  • Enjoyable for your cat

The Cat Grooming Gloves from HandsOn Grooming come in pairs, so you can use both hands.  They are designed with a gentle grooming face laminated onto a glove for worry-free long wear, and they are fully washable.  HandsOn Cat Grooming gloves come in 5 sizes, from Junior to XL for a custom fit.   They have Velcro wrist straps that will keep them in place while you groom your pet.

While cats are very independent animals, our experience – and that of our customers – is that cats love to be groomed with the HandsOn Grooming gloves.  The gentle grooming process is much like the stroking and petting that they love, and the gentle grooming surface works with a light touch without tearing the hair out.  The gloves are soft and flexible, and feel just like a massage, not stiff and wooden like a brush.  The shed hair sticks to the glove just enough that it doesn’t just end up everywhere, but can be quickly and easily removed from the surface of the glove with just a flick!

How do you groom your cat?  Check out these HandsOn Grooming Gloves.  They are the cat’s meow!  Here is a short video you need to see!

Notice how much hair came off? And did you see how easily the hair comes right off the cat grooming gloves with just a simple flick! Enjoy grooming your kitty …and keeping your kitty, your clothes and furniture – all looking their best!

HandsOn Grooming Gloves – The purrrfect cat grooming gloves! Get yours today!

See for yourself.

Try the best grooming gloves on the market!

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