At HandsOn Grooming, we take an innovative, revolutionary approach to grooming. Our goal is to produce the highest-quality products for people everywhere – from the world’s top trainers and athletes, to the everyday animal lover.

Do you believe that family and animals come first? Then you belong in our community. We are animal people working for animal people. Our goal is developing superior products to share with other animal people. Horse people. Dog people. People who ride, train, ranch, work outdoors, compete. HandsOn is for people who simply love spending time with their pets.

When we developed our gloves, we tried all the options that were already out there. Because we found them uncomfortable and ineffective, we set out to make something even better. We use the best approach and take pride in the design of the products we deliver. We love our grooming gloves and hope they bring you and your animals as much enjoyment as they have for us.

Our Mission

To Create and develop revolutionary,
high-quality products we are proud to use
which enable bonding experiences with the animals in our lives.
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